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Welcome to Apple Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

At Apple Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, we strive to bring you the care and compassion that heals both mind and body. We believe that true healing starts from your core and that your body is equipped to heal itself if treated properly. We work to offer you a comprehensive plan to get you in line with the health and wellness goals you have.

Why Visit Our Office?

Our clinic treats many injuries and diseases that result in pain and discomfort in the joints and muscles. Some of our patients do not suffer from a problem, but come for regular treatments as preventative care. We believe that the body should be kept aligned and loose to avoid injuries that are commonly caused by strain, stress, poor posture and poor alignment. Our patients find natural pain relief and improved healing time from their chiropractic therapies.

A Healthier Way to Treat Your Core

Apple Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation believes medications and much of conventional medicine believes in treatments that are not cures, but cover-ups. Rather than treat the core issue, many methods of care provide comfort with a Band-Aid approach that hides the symptoms without fixing the problem. We believe the right solution is to find the problem causing chronic pain and stalled healing, helping the body work from within to reduce discomfort and immobility.

Medications have severe side effects and can cause a fog over every day life. By avoiding prescriptions and invasive treatments, we have successfully helped our patients recover from problems like back pain, whiplash, headaches, joint pain and more. Our patients are amazed at the care that can so quickly turn their life back to normal. We want our patients to enjoy life laughing and carefree, not burdened by chronic pain, medications, and side effects.

Working with Dr. Circolone, Your Chattanooga Chiropractor

Dr. Circolone provides an atmosphere that patients can thrive in. He has chosen his team carefully and the whole Apple Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation family is prepared to work with your schedule and get you the treatment you need.

Meet Dr. Circolone for your initial consultation and find out what his recommendations are for your care and treatment timeline. Our caring staff will help you understand your insurance coverage and appointment schedule. The chiropractor will typically recommend a variety of treatments, possibly including massage therapy, chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, stretching regimens, exercise, dieting and more. Your treatments will always be a collaboration, with the doctor working your goals and desires into your plan.

We hope you will stop by and check out what our practice can do for you. Discover what patients all over Chattanooga are discovering in the value of excellent chiropractic care. We will do our very best to make your Apple Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation a pleasant experience that brings balance, comfort and relaxation to your life. Check out our services and call us today to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Circolone!

With sincere regards,
Dr. Nicholas J. Circolone, FACO

Chaye Schult Office, Coordinator

Megan May, CTA Billing Coordinator

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